John Shores was charged with attempted sexual exploitation of a minor and attempted enticement of a minor.

The judge decided to release the 54-year-old before the trial with GPS tracking. Another condition of his release was to have no contact with any children, including his family.

According to court documents, he was in possession of four different cellphones, and he used the Whisper app to request child pornography or to trade pictures for child pornography.

Court documents said Shores was texting an 11-year-old girl, asking for sexually explicit photos. He also asked a 14-year-old and a 16-year-old for sex in exchange for money.

Prosecutors filed a motion to revoke his release in light of new evidence, describing it as a "prolific, aggressive action that is risk to the public and children."

He was let go from his scouting duties, which included a role as commissioner of the board of directors of the Boy Scouts Mid-America Council, after the scouts learned of the accusations.