Foster Abuse

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Johnson Justin Dwayne


October 21st, 2023
Embrace Families and The Children’s Home Society of Florida failed to oversee a Seminole County foster parent who sexually abused children in his care, according to a suit filed earlier this year. Justin Dwayne Johnson Sr., pleaded guilty last year to federal charges of producing and possessing sexually explicit images of children. Investigators discovered evidence on his phone and other devices that he filmed and inappropriately touched several young children in his care, including a baby who was just a few days old, starting in early 2017. In addition to taking videos of the girls in their bedroom...

June 22nd, 2023
Dimitrov, whose children were placed in Jones’ home by the Hawaii Child Welfare Services office, is now left wondering why the state workers charged with overseeing his children in the foster system failed to detect a problem. The children were placed in foster care following a report of neglect and substance abuse by their mother, according to case records Dimitrov shared.

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