- Her father was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader who shined his shoes on Saturday nights and wore his best suits when he took his wife, Paula Dietz, and their children — Rawson and her brother, Brian — to church on Sundays. - New York Times, September 16, 2023

Her father, Dennis Rader, the serial killer known as B.T.K. 

Young Rader joined the Boy Scouts as a youth and participated in group activities at the Lutheran church. - Psychology Today, February 7, 2022

The only social activities that Rader indulged in during his youth were related to his Lutheran church or the boy scouts. While he was a boy scout, he learned the art of tying knots that would help him later in life when he bound his victims before killing them. - Psychology Today, February 7, 2022

As for other possible cases being linked to Rader, Virden said Rader was a Boy Scout leader after being a member of the Scouts until he was 17.

He said Rader had relatives in Ponca City and could have visited the Boy Scout museum in Pawhuska or camped with the Scouts when their camp was located along the Kansas-Oklahoma line between Sedan, Kansas, and Cedar Vale, Kansas. - Tulsa World, September 10, 2023

- He was caught in 2005 after one of his communication frenzies, when authorities traced a floppy disk to a computer at the Lutheran church where he was the council president. Investigators had also compelled a hospital to turn over a sample of Rawson’s DNA from a Pap smear, without her knowledge. They then used that to link her father to the BTK killings.

- Rader is serving 10 consecutive life terms, one for each person he was found guilty of killing, at the El Dorado Correctional Facility in El Dorado, Kansas.

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