- Summerlin was first arrested Jan. 31 on a charge of criminal sexual conduct with a minor. Police said officers recovered video that showed Summerlin touching a 6-year-old female child sitting on his lap during an event at Central Baptist Church in York.

- Another incident with the same victim happened Jan. 24, according to arrest warrants obtained by The Herald. Further investigation and interviews by York police revealed other incidents of touching in 2020, arrest warrants state.

- “Our investigation showed this activity had been ongoing over a period of time,” York police Sgt. Kevin Hoffman said.

- Hoffman said he has met with church officials and parents in the congregation to advise them of the ongoing investigation. Church leadership has been transparent and helpful to the police, Hoffman said.
Before his arrest Jan. 31, Summerlin was a volunteer with a children’s ministry called “Kid Central,” according to arrest warrants.

- Church officials say Summerville was a life-long member of the church and has been volunteering there for years in different areas of the church. He also helped with the children’s church.

The third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor charge is called “fondling,” South Carolina law shows. The law is defined as someone who “willfully touches or attempts to commit a lewd act on a child,” state law shows.

- A conviction for the offense carries up to 15 years in prison.

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