Paul M. Soots, 42, is charged with 22 counts related to child molestation including several Level 1 felonies — the most serious criminal charge in Indiana outside of murder.

Soots’ wife, who has since divorced him, told police she suspected her husband had been cheating on her so ended up searching his phone for proof. Located on the phone, however, were videos even more appalling, court documents claim. 

Deputies reported reviewing the content of the phone and said images and video contained Soots committing sex acts on a child.

Soot agreed to sign a plea deal where he would plead guilty to one count of child molestation as a Level 1 felony and one count of child molestation as a Level 5 felony.

“Today, Mr. Soots accepted the State’s plea offer of 50 years at the Indiana Department of Corrections which given his age is effectively a life sentence,” said Prosecutor Loren Delp. “In 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court held the death penalty to be “cruel and unusual punishment” for child rapists. While this may be the law of the land, and as prosecutors we are duty bound to follow it, we may also respectfully disagree.”

The 50-year sentence is the maximum prison term allowed for a Level 1 felony in Indiana.